Monday, December 28, 2015

No Hobby Time - 2015 Recap

Well 2015 was definitely an adjustment as I took on the new title of "Dad".  I realized I have a whole lot less time then before and prioritization was a little rough.  The little free time I had I focused a bit more on my other hobby, the SCA rapier combat. 

I did do a lot of assembly.  I found that was a lot easier to knock out between things then full on painting.  Did a bunch of Tau, a ton of Chaos and a little bit of imperial knights. 

I did get a few things painted; my adepticon imperial army at the start of the year, and dabbed in a bit of Tau and Chaos.  I also got a shiny new camera but I couldn't figure out how to get the pictures to turn out.  I'll see if I can kick off the new year right by posting progress of what was finished and what I'm working on.  Perhaps updating the blog will inspire me to get moving.

After all, Adepticon is only a few months away!
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