Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moving... packing sucks!

It's almost embarassing how much hobby stuff we collect.  The wife has been kind enough to let me keep the basement for my hobby workshop.  Well, after three trips to get more boxes, I'm still not done packing.  We're in the process of moving to a new (bigger) house in November, and with both of our work travel schedules we needed to get ahead of things.

One of the projects was going through my piles of paints and weeding out the not-so-good condition ones.  Goodbye paints, you served me well!

Still plugging along on the Blood Angels though.  During the football and hockey games I've had the chance to assemble all of the jump pack troops.  My 1850 list will consist of only 34 models.  For my 4 Sanguinary Guard squads I'm debating on the load out of equipment, so I put together 3 alternate equipped ones which brings my model count up to 37 models to paint.

I got some of the bases from scibor miniatures (purchased through the coolmini website).  As you can see from the picture, they're on their first stage.  I think I'm going to paint all the bases as once, then tackle the troops 5 at a time.

The photobooth and most of my lighting has been packed up, but I'll be sure to take pictures along the way.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blood Angel Assualt Marine Test Model

Here's my first test model for the "normal" red assault marines.  I'm happy with the way the red turned out, but I was a little sloppy on the metallic.  For this unit with knee pads, I'll use that to distinguish squad markings.  I'm also going to go with the traditional yellow helmets for assault squads.  Next on the docket is more Sanguinary Guard... beautiful thing about a 34 model army is progress is quick!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sanguinary Guard Test Model

Had a blast painting up my first test model for the Sanguinary Guard.  A little tedious on the wings, but overall I think the model turned out nice.  Waiting for my scenic bases to come in, so I'll hold off from doing a lot more models until they arrive.  Crazy, an 1850 list will only be 34 models!  Almost done with my standard assault marine as well, should have pictures up on that tomorrow.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hobby A.D.D. Kicking in

Ouch, I didn't expect Hobby A.D.D. to kick in so fast, I'm almost done with the core of my 1850 Space Wolves list!  I had the chance to play in our local tournament scene last weekend and had a great time playing my wolves... due to my inexperience with the army I went 1-1-1.  It looks like Space Wolves are turning into the "it" army in the Chicago metagame.  Out of the 20 people playing in the tournament, there were 6 of us with Space Wolves.  I'm playing them due to my love of the army, but I don't want to be singled out as one of those guys...

Here is the docket of armies in que that I've bought up the models and excited about painting:
- Finishing Space Wolves
- Orks
- Death Korps of Krieg
- Dark Eldar

Which leads me to another power armored army... the Blood Angels.  I'm in love with the new plastic kits; the Sanguinary Guard and the Death Company models.  I don't want to do the razorback & armor 11 spam I'm seeing all the rage in marine lists, I'd like to try something that makes the Blood Angels different.  Jump packs! So I'm set out to make an "elite" low model count list with Dante & Sanguinary Guard that'll be a fun change of pace.

It'll be fun painting gold and I found some amazing miniature bases I've been dying to try out.  I ordered a bunch of bases from Scibor Miniatures:,index.php that look pretty sweet.  I'm going with the ancient ruins style.  Very epic, and would go over well with the jump troop concept.  Plus after doing all the snow and urban bases, I can now focus on a "jungle" theme.  Do lots of things with foliage and flowers...

Here's my concept so far that I've found browsing the internet...

HQ: Dante
HQ: Honor Guard with 3 meltas, one flamer (comes with priest)
Elite: 5 Sternguard in Drop pod with 2 meltas, 1 combi melta and 1 combi flamer
Elite: 1 Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack (to go with one of the Guard squads to get a jumping bubble of effect)
Troop: 5 Sanguinary Guard
Troop: 5 Sanguinary Guard
Troop: 5 Sanguinary Guard
Troop: 5 Sanguinary Guard
Troop: 5 Scouts with camo cloaks, sniper rifles and missile launcher (had to take this to have something in the backfield on an objective)
Heavy: 5 Devestators with 4 missile launchers
Heavy: 5 Devestators with 4 missile launchers

Idea would be the Dante Squad and Sternguard squad drop to get rid of the nasty armor, devestators to help with transports, and my sanguinary guard to mop up infantry.

Just not sure how I'll handle deathstar units like Thunderwolf Cavalry w/lords or Nob Bikers; or big blob units like Ork mobs with power klaws.

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