Monday, April 15, 2013

Tablescapes Kickstarter by Secret Weapon Miniatures

Well the last few days have been grueling back breaking painting!  I'm almost done with the 36 guardsmen. I hope to have them finished tonight then on to the three chimeras. 

In the meantime I'd like to inform everyone about an awesome kickstarter by Secret Weapon Miniatures.  Justin is doing some very cool 1' x 1' tiles in unique 16 square sets.  Check out his page at :  Tablescapes Kickstarter

The proof of concept, Justin should have one at Adepticon

As you can see they are fairly affordable, you're basically getting a 4' x 6' table for $190 or a 4' x 8' table for $250.  I'm really looking forward to a few themes.  In order of want, I'm shooting for the Urban followed by Ruined Temple, followed by the trench table.  Depending on how they're executed I may back all three.  

That means this will need to get up to $280k for the temple table and $360k for the Trench.  I think we can get there! 

Very nicely done, and it's great to support someone putting out a high quality product at a reasonable price.

Now a good day at work then back to the grindstone tonight painting.  See you all soon at Adepticon!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rockets!!! Manticore finished

...and the guard painting goes on.  One week left, the deadline is looming!  I just wrapped up my Manticore.  This was an old kit I built for my previous guard and a little bit of shoddy work done on assembly.  I think it still came out ok.  Here's the finished product.

What do you think of the cheating I did on the side silver areas?  Basically just the silver color with a wash, no highlighting.  I think since it is not a focal point I can cheat there.

Now it's on to the 36 guardsmen.  Here they are all sad and un-primed.  Got a batch of 7 to start with to see how the finished product looks before I repeat it 30 more times.

Tick tock tick tock... time's almost out!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Guard Tank Paint Scheme

I finished my first tank for my imperial guard portion of the Knights Angelus.  I'm going to use this as a template for all the rest of my vehicles.  I really want to tie my main imperial force together so this is it!  Only downside is this scheme takes me about 10 times longer to paint then my old desert scheme.  I think it's worth it though.


Here's a shot of how it pairs up with it's marine buddies.

Big question, I want to start up on my vendetta and rest of the air-force.  Should the vendetta be in the same color scheme as the guard or it's own air-force color scheme?  Not sure if I would consider it more of a support helicopter or more in the role as a plane? 

So much guard to paint in less then two weeks.  36 guardsmen is first on the docket, but am painting the manticore at the same time. 
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