Monday, February 29, 2016

Adepticon TT Display - Khorne Gladiator Construction (part 2)

We had another very productive Sunday working on the display base, racking up another 6 hours of work with the team. Gregg and Jeff also assembled the case sides during the week so we can work on it in it's cart.  Since the foam is so dense, we're able to screw it in and out with wood screws, pretty cool. 

Our goal this round was to work on the second and third levels (plus the crashed column) as well as adding some of the details.  I forgot to pick up plastic rods to make rivets so unfortunately we weren't able to knock that out.  There was no lack of stuff to work on.  The team commenced to start the stenciling and readying the pieces.

Danny and I also started working on the portcullis and gates for the Khorne dogs.  What a better medium to work with then all the plastic sprues from GW.  There is no lack of material there and will add to the rusty metal look. 

Now came the heavy carving.  We didn't mess around this time and all put on masks.  In the background I put on some dark ambient music to get us in the spirit of the project.

After extreme piles of dust was swept up we were done for the night.  We put all the pieces up and held the pillar about where it was going to stand.  Hopefully my supplies I ordered will arrive on time, I have materials coming for the lighting and tons of chain, plastic rod and skulls.  We tested a few of the lights that will sit within the risers.

This week I hope to wrap up painting the bloodletters and finish up my soul grinder!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Adepticon TT Display - Khorne Gladiator (part 1)

It's that time of year again, time to do some crazy hobby action preparing for the Adepticon 40k Team Tournament.  This year we want to go super over the top with a Khorne themed gladiator arena.  The concept is to go up (we like that better then wide) and have plexiglass sides to show the interior of the display.  Objects will hang down as well as across to give it depth. 

We found a new material to work with, an ultra dense foam.  It's almost hardwood quality and can even be fastened using wood screws.  It also allows us to carve it with dremmels to add detail.  Here's what we started out last weekend working on, the roughed out first level.

It was then on to carving details.  All four of us were armed with dremels and I was smart enough to wear a mask due to the immense amount of dust we generated.  Greg was able to make some vinyl patterns to lay over the top so we could use for symbols.  We'll be making those into brass (with rivets and all). 

After about 6 hours of work, we made some major progress.  Here's the first level without any of the balconies or finishing touches.

I need to figure out  how we can do a couple of things before this weekend's work session. First how to make a ton of rivets.  Secondly, I'd like some hanging braziers.  I figured I'd use battery powered flickering tea lights and cover them with cotton (blackened) smoke.  Any ideas on how to make them? 

We're definitely inspired to make it our best theme yet.  On my painting table now are bloodletters and I'm busy converting some khorne cultists with some weapon swaps off the new age of sigmar starter set. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bloodthirster, Give it the D!

Here's my D-Thirster ready to get gunned down before it gets into combat. I think I may take off some of the grass tufts since it's a little crowded on the base.  I also may add some blood splatter to the axe.  It was a ton of fun to paint.  Took me way longer then I expected.


Next on the docket, Bloodletters!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Stock Maulerfiend

The count down to Adepticon, only like 5 weeks away.  I've been hobbying pretty steadily over the last month and I'll start posting pictures.  First is my Maulerfiend.  He's stock out of the box, no conversions.  Bases are from Dragon Forge.  It's going to be a Khorny Adepticon!

Next up, Bloodthirster!
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