Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hobby Project Debate

Now that I've detoxed from Adepticon for awhile I have been dabbling in a little painting.  I'm debating on what my next projects will be.   Here's my "short" list.  The reason I'm prioritizing is we have kid #2 on the way in October.  Plus I'm doing more and more with my SCA rapier combat study so it's the long debate on time spent!


1. Work on a gaming table.  My dad does fine woodworking and will help me make a sweet one.  I've been looking around pintrest trying to get ideas.

2.  Figuring out how to use weathering powders.  I really want to learn how to make things look dirty and not just factory fresh.

3. Improving my airbrush skills.  I started last summer, I'd like to try and put some more time into it.

4. Make terrain.  40k, infinity, wild west, etc.  I'd like to have a good catalog of finished terrain.  I own all that I need just need to spend time on not working on armies.

40k/30k.  I'm hesitant to do too much until the new rules system is released

1. Imperial Fists 30k

2. Custodes for 30k (and 40k)

3. Add more to my Genestealer Cult, Tau, and generic marines

4. Maybe, just maybe I'll actually work on the Death Korps of Krieg.

Other Game Systems

1. Two factions for Infinity.  Currently have a bunch of Ariadna, Haqqislam, Yujing, Nomads.  Just need to decide on what to spend time and if I just want it table-top ready or "super" paint jobs

2. Wild West Exodus: I have the Golden Army, Union, Lawmen and Holy Order... I started really working on Union but I think the Golden army or the Holy Order would be a lot of fun to paint.

3. Devils Run Route 666.  I picked up a bunch of stuff on their first kickstarter.  I really need to learn Hobby goal #2 before I spend some serious time on them.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Genestealer Cult at Adepticon

I need to have a serious session with my camera.  I'll post up all the detailed shots of the cult.  In the meantime, here was my 40k championship army and our team tournament army (I did the non cult stuff).  We were lucky enough to play on the twich channel Warhammer TV Saturday night for the team tournament!

These were shots from my phone... sorry for the focus/resolution!

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