Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Infinity Display Board / Dice Tray / Order Counter

I came up with an idea after playing Infinity a couple of months ago.  My dice kept bouncing around and I was half tempted to buy a little dice tray.  Then after thinking I needed a more effective/quicker way to count my orders and move my army around, I sketched out a design to do all three!

Here's my first concept work of a multi-tray.

The dice rolling area is plenty of room and the right height to roll a handful of d20's.  I felt lined it to dampen the roll and keep the noise down.

The order counters are pretty basic.  I just did a floating circle and painted on the arrows and numbers.  It probably needs one more coat of white paint.

Everything else was a few coats of a high gloss black lacquer.  This should keep it shiny and new!

The tray on the end to display my army and move it around has a floating insert.  I'll decorate that with the similar effects I base my armies in.  I'll also do a bit of a backdrop that "tells the story".  It will be removable so I can rotate out armies and display them on a shelf when I'm not using my multi-tray.

Hope you enjoy, and inspire your own DIY tournament trays.

Monday, December 2, 2013

First Infinity Models Painted: Ariadna Loup-Garous

I've been in a bit of a painting slump but am finally getting back.  I've been assembling terrain like a madman over the last couple of months.  My goal is to get 4 4x4 tables at my house for infinity so I can start hosting.  If you've ever played the game you know how terrain intensive that is!

Here's my first batch of miniatures I painted for my Ariadna Merrovingian Strike Force.  I started with the Loup-Garous.  I love how this link team performs in the game, they're brutal.  It looks like they may be one of the more intensive paint schemes with all of their capes.

What I found is the real challenging part for me is switching scales.  All of the tiny straps and details that are way easier to paint on heroic 28mm.  Now that I'm looking at the pictures zoomed in, I want to go back and touch up some things.

I basically went with most of the color schemes straight from the book.  It was fun doing such a small batch of models.  I could mix paints on the fly and it allowed me to try things I wouldn't normally undertake if I had to batch paint hundreds of models (or tanks).

The bases I used are from Dragon Forge Design.  Great product from those guys.  I am not totally sold on the grass I put on the bases, but I wanted to break up the drab concrete a little bit and figured grass would be growing through the cracks.

Now onto the rest of my Ariadna models.  The next batch will be the troopers as well as the Chasseurs.
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