Saturday, December 8, 2012

Guardsman Test Model for Knights Angelus

My master plan is coming to fruition, a combined imperial force that has the same paint scheme. I finished up my test model for my guardsmen.  I figure I'll be doing 200+ of these so I better like how they turn out.  The model has the same scheme as my marines for my Knights Angelus. 

I did a bit of fat fingering on the freehand on the shoulder pads.  I really need to go with a finer brush so I can get the detail.  All of the guardsmen will have the dark angels symbol on one pad and the inquisition symbol on the other.

Here's a photo of the guardsmen next to the starter box marine and my robed "elite" troop.

Pretty happy with how it came out overall. Now it's time to lock in the chimera chassis color scheme as well as get cracking on the drop pods for Adepticon!
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