Monday, March 24, 2014

Adepticon TT Display Board Progress

It's that time of year where we are scrambling to get everything ready for Adepticon!  I've been a little quiet on the hobby front lately but this project has really sparked our creative energies.

We're running Tau and our team (Adeptus Film Company) is doing a play on Pandora from the Avatar movie... I won't give away all the cool back story but the thought was to do floating islands like the movie and integrate glowing discs with the Tau icons.  One of our team members, Greg, is a graphic artist and is a genius when it comes to coming up with these ideas.  No way we could have pulled it off without him.

We built up a new cart to mount this to, with some sturdy casters... no wrecking all the hard work with broken wheels!

We spent a couple weeks ago flushing out the core of it and both Saturday and Sunday last weekend working on the display.  I'll throw captions in the titles of the photos so you can see what we're working on!

The foam rings that will serve as the undersides of the floating islands
Danny and Greg sanding out the rocks
Jeff creating the final foam ring 
Greg is assembling the core of the islands
Danny dry brushing up the sections
The finish core of the islands taped up
Here is what it looks like before we start adding everything on top of the platforms!
where we left off before finishing for the weekend.  You can see added overhang rocks and  putty to go over the edge.
This week will be super busy finishing this up.  We need to add additional rocks over the top of the "discs", sculpt them and putty them up.  Then we'll be adding a swamp to the base.  I picked up a bunch of fake plants and roots that we'll be integrating, as well as sanding and putting fake grass/foliage on the base themselves.

Only a week and a half left!  Outside of this I still need to finish a riptide, 2 skyrays and 20 drones!  Argh!

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