Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cerastus Knight Lancer with more Stabby!

I finished up my first of the Cerastus Knights, with the Lancer.  My oh-so-helpful cat jumped on it while I was painting him and snapped the lance banner off, so I'll swing by the hobby store to pick up some jewelry chain to fix the banner.  As with all my knights, they are magnetized at the torso to help for transportation.

I tried to keep him pretty simple and followed my color scheme I've been running with the Knights Angelus.  

For the base, I used Dragonforge's ancient ruins and added in some pillars from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Decals were a mixture of the standard knight ones and that limited run decal pack (I wish I would have picked up more)

Next up on the docket is a ton of bikers, it may be a certain adepticon project... hint hint!  I'll leave you with all my knights lined up in their smashy glory!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Imperial Knight Paladin #2 - with Suns!

Yeah yeah yeah, I have a thing for suns.  A little borderline obsession.  Here's my homage to my Imperial Suns, adding the sun in splendor in the heraldry of this Knight Paladin.

For the basing, I ended up making up my own on this one.  I used some card stock for the squares and some of the Lord of the Rings terrain (which is awesome).

I'm getting close to finishing up my Knight Lancer, pics to follow along with some terrain picture updates!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Imperial Knight Errant

It's been forever since I've posted last but no lack of work.  I finished up my first three knights and am working on some of the forgeworld ones.  In addition I've done a ton of necron stuff and have been working on terrain both for 40k and Infinity.  More posts to follow!

Here is my completed Knight Errant.  I went with a sinister approach with the heraldry on this one and figured I could double him as Grimauldus if I need to in a pinch.

The basing was from Dragon Forge Design.  I used the sanctuary basing and added in a broken column.  Added a little grass and dead leaves to break up the color.

Back to sorting out my gaming area.  It's been a big project getting the basement where it needs to be.  We have our first baby on the way in a few months so I need to have my fortress of solitude to escape to!
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