Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tablescapes Kickstarter - Let's fund the ruins!

Just got back from my vacation in Hawaii, wow was it much needed.  Really helped refocus things for me and do what vacations are meant to do, hit the reset button!  I'll try to get some Adepticon coverage up later, but this year may be my break.  I plan on doing some major hobby spring cleaning and figure out what my projects are going to be for this next year.

More importantly... help fund this awesome kickstarter!  I am fiending for the ruined temple board to get funded.  It will match perfectly with my flagstone bases I'm doing for my silver and red marines/guard!  Check out Secret Weapons kickstarter at: TABLESCAPES by SECRET WEAPON MINIATURES

The boards are great, and are sets of 16 1 x 1 foot tiles.  I think with some cool custom frames you can pop them out for display boards.  The thought was mirrored by the team as they even have a backer option to get 4 tiles with a border to do just that!  So all of you that want an easy option for display boards, this may be the way for you.  I'm really looking it as an option for when I travel via air.

This week I'm going to frantically get some miniatures painted in my necron paint scheme for an apocalypse game this weekend. Have some tricks up my sleeve, let's see if they can work!
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