Saturday, March 29, 2014

Adepticon TT Display Progress #3

We had a super productive night last night working on the display board.  In addition, we have some extra surprises that Danny worked on... going to really add to the overall presence.  After looking at the display more and more, we think we're not going to do a backdrop, it'll take away from the 3d aspect of the viewing experience.

I'm still psycho worried about the one platform that I jacked up the wires on, Greg and Jeff will be bringing it to Greg's work to get re-soldered.  Hopefully everything goes well.  We did a test run and by angling it in, it fits in my jeep, so at least that works.

We really went to town adding fake plants, and dry brushed up the extras and added flock and bushes, I really think it turned out well and captured the look and feel on what we wanted, basically the islands of Pandora from Avatar.  Onto the progress shots!

grrr... the bottom platform doesn't light up!  Hope we can fix it

I like how the over brush of the sand actually picks up the light

I'm working on more painting, heading over to a 1850 practice tournament at my FLGS this afternoon.  I gotta knock the rust off my dice!

Sunday will be my big paint day, I hope to basically do the painting marathon and get everything done.  Still have about 2 hours left on my riptide, a few hours on the skyrays, and the 20 drones!


  1. That display is next level Brian. Wow!

  2. Thanks, Nick! You ready for Adepticon?

  3. Wow, saw this at Adepticon. Your board was one of the best at the show. I especially liked the Kroot roasting the donkey, horse, whatever it was!
    : )

  4. Wow, you took it to next level!


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