Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thinking of Going to Nova? 2k painted in 2 months?

I always am a fan of a challenge, there is nothing like painting with a goal in mind to get things done  How crazy is it for me to try playing in the NOVA Open on August 27th?  I would need to get 2,000 points of Dark Eldar painted in time, and it would be nice to actually get some practice games in beforehand as well.

If I had the core of my army painted by then, it'll give me some experience to try it in a competitive event and see what I like and what I don't before Adepticon.  Plus with the ability to field a 2k list, I essentially could bring two Adepticon legal 1k lists.  The other added benefit is that I'll be done painting by the end of August and then can focus on the display board as well as tweaking and practicing the list.

The downside is I won't have a display board that would be able to fly with me to the event in time (outside of a sand/flock board).  Plus I'm figuring this will be about a $600 trip with all expenses included.... decisions, decisions.

Either way, the prospect of 8 competitive games and a deadline to get my project mostly competed is compelling.  Something to think about!

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